Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Part of God

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to a Romanian men's chorus event. Essentially, the whole event was predicated on the idea that men who had spent the weekend fellowshipping with each other would then spend that Sunday worshipping God together in a chorus setting.

It was cool beans.

You know how sometimes you hear a phrase used all the time, and then, all at once, the full meaning of the phrase slaps you in the facehole? That happened at said weekend. The pastor, who was speaking in between songs, said something which I had heard over and over, probably hundreds of times growing up. And this time, it really made a splash on my conscious thought.

In English, whenever we pray, we just say we're going to pray. Or some people might say they're going to talk to God. That's cool and stuff - even accurate. But in Romanian, there's a certain phrase that portrays something a little more.

"Hai sa avem partasie cu Domnul."

Roughly, this means, "Let's have fellowship with the Lord." Except, that one word "partasie" actually calls to mind a little more. If you look at the word, it implies having a part of something. So, in other words, what you're actually saying is, "Let's have a part of the Lord."

Now that is what I want my prayer life to look like.

It's not just some arbitrary one-way conversation with some distant God. It is the active participation in a reciprocating relationship. It is the joining together of two things. When I have partasie with God, I literally get a part of Him in that moment. And I think that this is something we've all been called to.

I believe a lot of us have resigned ourselves to a boring prayer life and a fairly monotone walk with the Lord. We don't get flashes of lighting, so we dejectedly accept candle-flames. Now, look, I'm no holy roller. I'm not telling you to go out in search of the next big thing when it comes to prayer. I'm asking you to go out in search of the same thing that God has always offered: his Holy Spirit. In Luke 11, God tells us that the Holy Spirit is something he freely gives to those who ask. It is this Holy Spirit that will carry us along in a vibrant relationship with Christ.

I dunno about you, but I'm ready to have some partasie.


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