Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ego Hotline

If life were an Ego Hotline, I would be on the receiving end of it. Fo sho.

Even as I wrote that, there was a desire to think, "Hey, now that was a sweet metaphor! Betcha no one else thought of that..."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Filter

My brother is a huge fan of tea. I mean I guess that's cool and all, but that isn't really "my cup of tea," if you know what I mean. (I get the "punniness" from my dad. It's a gift, really.)

His passion for tea goes way outside those white little pouches. Trust me when I say that my brother gets loose when it comes to tea. That is to say, loose tea leaves. (Eh? Eh? No? Ok...) He buys the dried leaves, mixes them, and comes up with his own brews, incorporating spices and the like. It's his specialTEA. (Ok, maybe that one was a little too much...)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The High Calling

I get pretty aggravated on account of my hobbies. I take part in a number of activities which no one else seems to care about or do. So my progression in those hobbies is fairly difficult without anyone to discuss relevant issues with.

These writings do not count in that category.

As a writer with a particular theme and place in the spectrum of Christianity, I've found a group of online bloggers, writers, and believers who are ultimately writing towards the same goal: pursuing Christ.

Think of it as an interactive, internet magazine, where a range of topics are addressed and discussed.

I highly encourage you to visit their website: The High Calling

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brownies, Youth Camps, and Repentance

Now, before you jump to conclusions, let me tell you first and foremost that this is a brownie - scratch that, this is The Brownie. That's right, this is the king of any brownie that was privileged to be labeled as such. I was at a function (sounds fancy, right?) recently, and I was graced with the honor of eating this food. Here were some of my thoughts as I partook in this wonder (accuracy of thought process may be a little, or a lot off):

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kingdom Eyes Update

Ok, so you might've noticed that some things have changed around here. And if you haven't, well, please go check your eyesight because I like my roads safe.

Anyway, let me address three simple updates, in no specific order.