Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ultimate Irony

Inception. Great movie, right? I thought so.

Honestly, I would say that Inception is one of the most cleverly thought-out films of the past few years. I would even go as far as to say as it's now one of my favorite films of all time. In any case, it was brilliant. If you haven't seen it, check it out. You'll thank me later.

Anyways, on to my point. Inception is one of those movies that leaves the ending up to the viewer to decide how it ended. It's a good way to make a long-lasting impression in all of the white noise of the film industry nowadays. I discussed the movie and its ending with a variety of friends and family and I noticed something. Almost everyone I spoke with, after watching the movie, had gone online and looked up different theories, speculations, and ideas as to the conclusion of the movie. Debates and arguments ensued over the film. They were desperate to resolve (at least in their own minds) the ending. They were scrambling to find out how they story ends. Now here's what bothered me in this entire situation.

Nobody wants to know how their own story ends.

Humanity has a habit of obsessing over worthless things, (like movies) but missing the biggest question. The only question that really matters. This, my friends, is the ultimate irony.

Let me explain. Most people go through life with a "take it and go" or "go with the flow" mentality. They plan little for the future and give minimal consideration to what happens to the rest of their lives past the immediate few weeks, if that. If I can ask you, the reader, to consider one thing, out of all other lans for the future, let it be this: eternity.

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, "What if the after-life doesn't exist?" Hear me out, now. For the person who asked this question, I will encourage you with this:

Find out.

If it doesn't exist, then, hey, who gives a flying flip? But, if it does, what you have to find out is what that after-life is going to look like. Is it going to be kittens and butterflies or poison and snakes? Are you going to spend the rest of eternity in hell or in heaven?

Now, keep in mind, I am not using scare tactics or anything, but I simply want you to consider this: If there is a possibility of hell in the after-life, you have to make sure you do everything in this life to avoid it. You owe it to yourself, if nothing else.

I believe that among the many different philosophies and religions, Jesus stands out. He claimed to be God, (John 8:58), offered the forgiveness of sins (1 John 1:9), and told people that he was the only way to heaven. (John 14:6) So you can't just put Christ in a box with all of the other "theories" that are out there for salvation. He is singular in His statements and ferocious in His claims.

The best part about this? It's not just a belief. It's a relationship with the Person who put you together and gave you the ability to live, breathe, and do everything you do. (including reading these words) It's forgiveness for all of the messed-up garbage we do every day. It's acceptance into His Kingdom, adoption into His family, and unconditional, no-strings-attached love. So much love, in fact, that He died so you could receive these things. His death purchased your freedom.

So take it, and find out how your story ends.


I've often been irritated by how so many people seem to believe in Heaven but never think about the possibility of Hell. My thinking is that there can't be a Heaven without the existence of a Hell, but so many people ignore the bad side of eternity. It's really sad. Especially when a lot of people who believe in a positive afterlife are not Christians...

It's amazing how the people who subject Christianity to rigorous tests of intelligence don't put their own perspectives and worldviews to the same challenge. They want to believe in Heaven cuz that's all good and fine, but introduce the opposite side, and people will shut you down.

Even when we tell them about Hell because we love them and don't want them to go there.

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