Monday, January 10, 2011

The Kingdom

First off, let me start by saying that this is not a blog.

At least not in the way you're used to thinking about it. This is a preparation. A burden. A vision. Although the medium through which this information is published is a blog, the content in these writings has much more meaning, significance, and substance than a "weblog" can contain.

Next, I'd like to stress that I'm kinda crazy.

By all accounts, the things that I will begin to write step outside of the normal bounds of what society has deemed to be "acceptable" and "normal." I will admit, though, sometimes the things that I say are going to be pretty normal and understandable. At other times, however, I'm gonna say things that sound absurd. That's all right, though. 'Cause, see, the things that I'm saying are not my own ideas. They come from Higher Intelligence and I have been commanded to spread these thoughts to the group of people that consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ.

See? That sounded kinda crazy, huh?

In any case, let me also say that this is not about me. I know that I've used the word "I" a whole lot in the last few paragraphs, but that's irrelevant. My purpose with these writings is not that I draw attention to myself, make much of myself, or promote my own pride in any way. That is why I choose to remain anonymous. It is unimportant for you to know who I am by name. However, I believe you should know some of who I am in order to see that I am not a third-class nut-job. I will try to condense what you need to know about me in a few bullet points:

  • I am a follower of the person and works of Jesus Christ.
  • I don't amount to much. I am sinful and wicked. But at the same time, I have a God who can love me when I am unlovable. And for whatever reason, it pleases Him to treasure me as a precious creation of His.
  • I believe that Jesus is one with the Father God (Jehovah), and the Holy Spirit. They exist as three in one in such a way that the finite minds of humans cannot understand.
  • I believe that the Kingdom of God is coming very, very soon, and the people of earth have very little time left.
  • I believe that the Scriptures contained in the Holy Bible are perfect and complete, and whatever I say will be said in an effort to keep with the guidelines laid out in it. 
  • The Holy Spirit has given me certain things to say, and I cannot keep my mouth shut and expect to live my life obedient to God without saying many of these things.
Now that you know a little about me, you have to know yourself. The writings that are to ensue are for those who believe that they are followers of Jesus Christ and the Bible. I don't care if you're male, female, black, white, paper, or plastic. The only criteria for you to be here is what I just laid out. If this is true of you, then you are in the right place. If you are not, I encourage you to give your life to Christ and start living for Him. Not so you can read these silly anecdotes from a silly person, but so you can live the rest of eternity with a purpose and a meaning.

Ok, so now that we've got some of the details out of the way, let's continue on to the juicy part, eh? The reason that you're here.

As I've said, I believe that the Kingdom of God is knocking on our door. What do I mean by that? The world is slowly coming to an end. And by slowly, I mean quickly. Now, at this point of your reading, you're probably thinking about that whole "crazy" thing I was talking about. But bear with me.

If you believe the Scriptures, then you know that there are certain signs that the Bible speaks about. These signs will show the believers that the world is coming very near its expiration date. These signs are glaring all around us, people. The world is in turmoil and is preparing itself for something epic.

The Scriptures show that the righteous will be ready. As Christ-followers, we can often "feel" the rhythm of the coming God - the return of Christ. Just like the bass that reverberates in our core at concerts, we can feel the drum-beat that signals the arrival of the coming of the glory of God. And that, my friends is what I wish to write about. That is my purpose here. To help you get ready. To prepare you for the times that are about to begin.

Matthew 7 refers to people who will come, on judgment day, before the throne of the living God and say, "Hey! Look at all this cool stuff I did for you! I performed miracles and did all of this crazy spiritual stuff in your name!" His response?

"Get out of my face, you wicked ones."

Matthew goes on to say that only those who have their heart right before God will enter Heaven. So if you can take anything from my pitiful attempt at helping you grow, let it be that I desperately desire for you to get your heart right before God. In a nutshell, that's what this whole fiasco is about.

It's what I'm begging you for.


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