Friday, December 21, 2012

Swedish Bitters, Thomas Watson, and Pleasure

My dad has this weird thing where certain foods are too sweet. Excuse me? "Too sweet" is not an idea that I can even wrap my head around. That's basically like saying, "Life is too good," or "the sky is too blue." Surely, this is a concept that does not exist. I refuse to believe it.

Out of things I hate, three things I know: NyQuil, holes in my socks, and Swedish Bitters.

"What are Swedish Bitters?" you ask?

Stop yelling and I'll tell you.

Swedish Bitters is a drink basically concocted in the cauldrons of the nether-world. It's made from the concentrated forms of everything you know that's bitter: bad coffee, limes, your ex-wife. (Too far?) Essentially, it's everything you'd never want to drink. In a bottle. And it's Swedish. Which is a shocker, 'cuz the Swedes started off so well with their fish and meatballs. (Yup, too far.)

Anyway, my dad loves the stuff. Guy drinks a little bit everyday. Do I understand this behavior? No. Do I almost revisit my lunch every time I smell the open bottle? Yes.

"Till sin be bitter; Christ will not be sweet."

Thomas Watson was an interesting man. He rejected the Church of England during his lifetime in the 1600s, which was huge. This labeled him as what was called a "Noncomformist." He died while praying in secret. And he also stumbled across this very striking idea that the love, or even tolerance of sin is in direct opposition of the pleasure of Christ. The Psalmist would put it this way:
"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." (Psalm 16) 
In other words, it is not only a question of what your love/tolerance of sin points to as far as the condition of your heart, but of whether or not you really want to experience the fullness of Joy found in Christ. This would be akin to a child throwing a tantrum because he wants to put his hand on the stove while his parent is instead trying to offer him some cake. And let's be real: who doesn't love cake?

So, will you today take the cake, or burn your hand once more on the flame of your ultimately regretful desires?


For real! Who on earth would want anything less sweet than cake!?

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