Friday, July 13, 2012

The Facebook Girl

Girls seem to think they own insecurity. Like it's something that they have exclusive access to, so therefore, all guys, except for the few "weak" ones, are all super-confident and secure in their worth. Their macho behavior certainly indicates that, right?


I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of girls posting pictures of themselves on facebook with the caption: "I hate this picture! I look so ugly here!"

I'm sick of girls saying, "I wish I could be as beautiful as her!"

I'm sick of girls changing their profile pictures every day in the never-ending quest to find the one that makes them look perfect.

I'm sick of girls dressing like street-walkers to fill the man-void created in them by their fathers, or lack thereof.

The truth is, everyone's insecure. Scratch that, everyone's broken. To quote Brandt + Skinner, we've all had a "bad start in life." This means guys, girls, adults, celebrities, homeless men, supermodels, blue-collars, Mark Zuckerberg, and billionaires. I have a theory:

Most of who we are, as individuals, has been determined by the pain we've experienced in the past.

What girls have done in the area of dressing crazy, men have mirrored in trying to be accepted as manly by being quiet, having lots of muscles, and banging lots of women. The reality is that we all try to find a way to make human acceptance and attention fit the empty space between our hearts and our souls, and when that doesn't work, we try to get more of it, 'cuz that definitely will, right?

My point? I heard this once and it was like lightning was electrifying the couch I was sitting on:

Most of us believe that God loves us, but we have a hard time believing that God loves me. We have an even harder time believing that God likes me.

And when I say me, I mean you. As an individual. I'm not referring to some large group or something. I'm saying that God loves you and likes you, as your own person. And if He's the fulfillment of our brokenness and insecurity, who gives a flying crap about what anyone else thinks?

He certainly doesn't.


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