Sunday, May 6, 2012

RMP: Instead Of A Show

I'm a big fan of music that has a unique sound, and Switchfoot is a great example of a band that fits the bill with music that is original and technically innovative. However, what always gets me the most is powerful lyrics. And as far as that goes, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot's lead singer) has always been exceptionally talented with using words in such a way to get a distinct and powerful point across.

Jon, at one point in his career, released some solo stuff that he did without his band. It's refreshingly different from what Switchfoot has generally done musically, but maintains the same powerful lyrics that have made me a fan.

This song is off one of those solo albums called "Summer." In a nutshell, it basically puts Isaiah 1 to music. If you're not familiar with the passage, it's basically God coming against the people of Israel for making a big show out of having the appearance of worshiping God while not having a true heart of worship.

One of my favorite lines?

You turned your back on the homeless
and the ones that don't fit in your plans.
Quit playing religion games;
There's blood on your hands.

Essentially, the song addresses what true worship is supposed to look like. So, check it out. You'll thank me later.


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