Thursday, March 8, 2012

RMP: Make Kony Famous

If you want to stop a modern day Hitler, please watch this video.

I'm not usually into supporting non-Christian organizations or social movements, because they can only make people's lives better for the short time here on earth if they don't share Christ with them, but in the end, signing your name to this petition will go a long way in stopping one of the world's worst criminals. And as Christians, we should be seeking to leave this world better than we found it.

I know that this is half an hour long, but that's only 30 minutes that it could take to change tens of thousands of children's lives.

So let's bring this guy down!


In the days following the launch of the video "Kony 2012," there have arisen many critiques in regards to Invisible Children, their policies, and procedures. What does this all mean?

#1: At the risk of my pride, I will admit that I was quick to jump onto the Kony bandwagon, without looking into the workings of the Invisible Children foundation. And for this, I apologize. Part of being wise in this world is thoroughly checking out any organization or social movement you might want to support. However, after some research, I've found that the company stands up to most standards and is transparent. Click here to read the organization's response to many critiques.

If there is one thing that I would resign myself to, it is the fact that Kony may not be such a large issue as he was in the past. According to this article, much has changed since the atrocities of years ago. Joseph Kony is undeniably a scourge of human existence, but his power has much waned since what it used to be.

#2: A lot of the critiques that I witnessed had a stench of rebellion. As in, "Everyone's supporting this whole Kony thing, but let me go against the flow and find something against it." It is honorable to look into what you're supporting and even to denounce improper practices, but don't get lost in the "anti-" culture.

#3: If you're going to share a video or blog article discussing the validity of something, make sure it's coming from a reputable source, and not a tumblr. Or a teenaged girl's vlog. Double check your facts and make sure that what you're hearing is legit.

#4: As I said before, I'm not usually into supporting non-Christian organizations because they don't share the gospel, and ultimately only provide temporal relief from suffering. If your support to Invisible Children or any other non-Christian organization is taking away from your support of solid Christian organizations that preach hardcore truth, don't do it. I'd much rather you provide for the feeding of people's souls, and not just their mouths. WorldVision, International Commission, TTI, and others are solid organizations that believers should get involved in.

I've left this whole Kony experience learning a lot about charitable contributions and efforts, and, if nothing else, you should, too.


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