Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

I've always found quantum physics and strange scientific theories fascinating. Granted, I don't understand a lot of it and most of the science behind certain theories goes way beyond my head, but, nevertheless, I still thoroughly enjoy off-the-beaten-path science.

An example of this is what I just saw this weekend. It's called superconduction. I'm not really sure what kind of sorcery is behind this, but they assure me it's real science: Superconduction Levitation.

Or how about stuff like light speed travel? Or even better yet, what about tachyons, which hypothetically travel faster than the speed of light? Such a particle would arrive before it was sent! And that, of course, takes a shotgun to the brain of science.

However, one of the most fascinating theoretical phenomena that trips me out is called the Butterfly Effect. To summarize what this theory states in normal English, it basically says that one small event can have a huge impact on the rest of the future. The most common example used to illustrate this idea is a hurricane being caused by the flap of a butterfly's wings weeks before. The key component here is that one, seemingly insignificant occurrence could forever change the history of the universe.

 Keep this idea in mind as you read the Bible. Granted, this is stepping into the realm of predestination vs. free will, and, for the time being, I'd rather not comment on that specific issue. But just take a look at the impact certain actions had for the people of Biblical times.

In Genesis 17, God tells Abram, "I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless, that I may make my covenant between me and you, and may multiply you greatly." Listen to this: according to what this passage is saying, God's promise with Abram was dependent on Abram's walk with God.

This is monumental.

If Abram's one action of obedience led to the production of God's Chosen People, then how much can our walk with God impact this world? Abram's act of faith led to the creation of the Jewish people, the very race that our GOD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, was born out of!

Almost everyone who's spent any amount of time listening to pastors and hanging out with Christians have heard stories of simple, seemingly insignificant actions that led to the power of God being unleashed in a spectacular way. One such story is the production of the song, "How He Loves Us." (For full story, click here.)

This song, written by John Mark McMillan, has a powerful background, and is single-handedly one of the most impacting songs I've ever heard. The story is as follows: one day, John Mark heard one of his best friends pray that if his death could shake the youth of a nation, he would give his life. Later that night, his friend died in a car accident.

Out of the pain and agony of having his close friend ripped from his side, McMillan wrote this song, which has gone on to become one of the most sung worship songs of our age. Many people don't know of the story behind this song, but, to me, it goes to show how one man's simple request for God's power to be shown in the youth of America was used to do just that.

So how does this trickle down? What are we supposed to walk away with? Well, it's this: your one, simple act of obedience to God's will can result in the glory and praise of His name being radiated in ways that exponentially out-weigh the difficulty of submission.

So, what's one area that you know you need to obey God in?


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