Friday, September 16, 2011


I was pretty abnormal as a child.

And when I say abnormal, I mean to say that I was unusually orderly and driven. I was very disciplined in having a good daily routine and making myself do and learn things that were difficult. But I would do it for my own gain. I would look forward to how something could benefit me in the future, and then work towards it with intensity.
Let me give you an example. When I learned, as a young boy, that college would be expensive, I started to save everything I had. I would spend very little money on the things that I wanted (apart from the occasional basketball hoop and toy) and save as much as I could in anticipation of my future years as a student. This led to me being a little too closely attached to my money. (a fault I am still trying to overcome)

So let's fast-forward a couple of years. The summer I was about 15, I realized that I needed to start pursuing Christ hardcore. It was out of this desire of my heart that my life started to change and my character traits took on different forms. But something strange happened:

My discipline didn't go away.

It changed.

My persistence in self-gain changed into a persistence to do things for God. Now I can see this persistence showing up in other areas.

Recently, God has allowed me, through this gift of discipline, to get up early almost every morning and spend time with Him. It has allowed me to apply myself in seeking Him and knowing His Word. It has made me dedicated to doing things for other people on a consistent basis. It has given me the ability to write almost every week.

He took what was corrupted and made it holy.

He took that discipline that I was using for myself and used it for His glory. That's precisely the reason that I cannot boast in this persistence and discipline. He gave it to me. And I find that when I look at someone who has a gift or ability, I often think of it in terms of how it can be used for God's kingdom. Now, God doesn't need certain people with talents or abilities, but he sure as your wheelchair can use them.

Now before I get heretical with ideas that aren't Biblical, let's look at the Scriptures.

Take a look at Peter. Before he was all-in for following Christ, Peter was quick to speak and quick to be foolish, as demonstrated by his ear-cutting, water-walk-fail, and foot-in-mouth antics. But after his life was changed, God carried over his energetic, crazy ways to spread the Gospel to many!

Peter's not enough? Ok, take a look at a little someone named Paul. (That's right, I just laid that card on the table.) He was a murderer consumed with passionate hatred for Christians, stopping at nothing to make sure they were annihilated. But after he was redeemed, Jesus turned that ability to be passionate to be used in the areas of love and spreading the Gospel. Just like nothing stopped his murderous tirade before he was saved, nothing stopped his preaching of God's Word after he was saved!

So this leads me to a question:

What personality traits do you think need to be bought back by God? What gifts have you been given that need to start being used for unselfish gains?

And just as always, I do not claim to have done these things to completion.

So let's start finding out together and watch God use what He originally gave us for His purposes.


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