Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kingdom Eyes Update

Ok, so you might've noticed that some things have changed around here. And if you haven't, well, please go check your eyesight because I like my roads safe.

Anyway, let me address three simple updates, in no specific order.

1. I have recently revised an old blog post of mine. If you've ever done something half-heartedly and knew it wasn't good, you'll understand why I had to go back and change this post. I really wasn't in a right way when I wrote it, if you know what I mean. Check out the post here: I Hate This Part (2)

2. If you're wondering why I changed the look of the site, here's a reason: it was kinda girly. I mean, let's be honest, there were little humming-birds putting their beaks in flowers in the background. So I went with something a little more grunge, and I think it suits the content. I still have some little things to work out, though, so things should be up to par pretty soon.

3. Summer's coming up, and that means a couple things.

Because of the season, I will be able to bust out my bright red shorts, which would leave me freezing any other time of the year.

Also, I'll be able to eat more watermelon (this is when they grow best). And let me tell you, there ain't nothing (well, almost nothing) that beats fresh, cold melon on a hot summer's day.

But pretty much the only thing that matters to you is that I shall now be writing more. "Why?" you ask? Well, as a college student, my school let out pretty early, which means I am on vacation. Which means I have more time to waste *cough* write. So as opposed to my usual 1-blog-a-week, I will try to write at least two during that same time span.

Well, that's all I have to update you on. You may now carry on with your normal lives.

Thank you, Internet!


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